Curriculum integration

Qbion Oral Radiology Package (QORP) is developed for making education in radiology imaging effective.

Install QORP on your laptop and make live presentations. Perform and analyse radiographic examinations. Present correctly projected radiographs as well as projection errors. Fluoroscopy and LookThrough will enhance the understanding of radiographic imaging principles.

Skill training
Simulator training is ideal for both individual and collaborative learning settings. Exercises are inspired by constructivist learning theories.
There are exercises for exploring radiographic features and exercises with challenging tasks to solve.
Appropriate exercises should be recommended as pre-exam training exercises. Printed instructions can be of value for training specific tasks.

Individual simulator based examination can reduce the need of oral or written examinations. Selected skill training tasks can be used as a modified Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE).

Student learning
A well organised curriculum facilitate student learning.
Dedicated tutors and teachers facilitate student learning.
Radiology simulator supported training facilitate student learning.
The combination of a well organised curriculum, dedicated tutors and teachers, and radiology simulator supported training would be ideal for student learning. In addition, teaching becomes effective.