Oral Radiology Package

Object localisation

Program for interpretation of spatial information in intraoral radiographs utilising parallax.

Skill training
There are four exercises available focusing on different aspects of the object localisation procedure.

Projection analysis presents tasks where the goal is to evaluate minor changes in projection angle between two radiographs.

In fluoroscopic imaging fluoroscopy is used as a tool for deducing the 3D-position of a small artificial spherical object within the jaws. It is invisible in the jaw but visible on radiographs. The answer is given by positioning the displayed object in the correct 3D position in the patient model’s jaw.

Static imaging resembles the clinical situation when one observes an object in a radiograph and wants to decide the position of the object by using the parallax technique.

Object localisation procedure is an amalgamation of the previously described exercises. The 3D-position of an object displayed in pairs of radiographs when the difference in projection angle is unknown shall be deduced.

The software presents a pair of radiographs with different projection angles. The radiographs display a small spherical object in a jaw in the vicinity of the teeth. The task is to deduce the correct three-dimensional position of the object. The answer is given by positioning a similar object in the correct 3D position in the patient model’s jaw.
The results are automatically evaluated and recorded according to predefined standards.

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Object localisation